Heavy Matter

by Matt Friedly

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33 songs about life, politics, and social issues. This has been a work in progress for many years and it is my pleasure to share it with you now. If you really enjoyed this, you can donate to me through PayPal as well as contact me here - idresponse@gmail.com is my address!


released May 15, 2012

Matt Friedly did everything, such as writing the words and music, performing the parts, recording them, and final mastering and engineering.



all rights reserved


Matt Friedly Saxapahaw, North Carolina

Bassist, Guitarist, Audio Engineer. Resides in Saxapahaw, North Carolina. Cut his teeth in Olympia, Washington.

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Track Name: Talk Is Cheap
it costs so much money
to be in the running
of any political office indeed
that's how they are keeping
the public from seeking
those who will never be baited by greed

the public seems barely
aware of this hairy
situation we're sinking so rapidly
instead of just moaning
or whining or groaning
let's bring these ticks down on their fat wobbly knees

to even consider
becoming the winner
of any political office today
you have to pour money
and talk real funny
and lie out your ass until you feel no pain

it's rather disturbing
the ones who are earning
all of the votes from the voting machines
are rich yuppie bastards
who are only after
a much bigger house and a new suv

i thought politicians
were elected positions
built to serve the people like you and like me
the words public servant
should define that you can not
earn more cash than you could possibly need

let's install the time clocks
these bastards won't outfox
the hourly pay at a minimum wage
let's see how they like
living all of their life
on a regular citizens low rate of pay

i guess i'm not royal enough because i wasn't born into it
i'm just to easy to overlook because i can't throw money at it
i don't fit into your little clique because i actually give a shit
so don't give me any lip just serve your constituants!
Track Name: Life Is Thought
take the sun from the sky
they've lost their will to live their lives
there is no hope left for them
is it over yet?

their blackened minds hide behind a stone face
emotionless gaze no thought left
conscience lays there bleeding in the shadows
their life is empty!


inspecting a sea of people
interpereting many faces
so many sour lips and too many furrowed eyebrows
how come there seem to be so many sad people
everyone has a problem they portray as misery

humankind rushes to get themselves
to so many different places
all the while screaming and yelling at their spouses
one day it proves that even words are lethal
so many people sitting on their deathbeds

sour morals and manners
how come people hate each other
sour morals and manners
now that decency is unknown

hatred makes so many people unkind
humans should just learn to unwind
assholes have no place in my world
get out get out get out


Track Name: Never Enough
your god versus their god
that's exactly what this is
why don't you just admit it
shed that evil layer of skin
come clean with the goals you have
only cowards skew their words
this war that you force us into
is only you flipping us the bird
if we were somewhere near civilized
we would trade our guns for words
but the slaughter will continue
as long as truth will go unheard
society will only run in circles
unless we begin to help each other
as the leaders push selfish agendas
the common folk will always suffer!

as we squander our resources
on killing off our fellow man
we're breeding our new soldiers
and destroying all the land
if we spent the war funds elsewhere
such as education or health
perhaps we could find more solutions
instead of handing out free death
politicians are lying to you
telling you how to think and what to do
their heavy fists are pushing you down
with propaganda in print, video, and sound
their true agenda is hiding behind a cavalcade of meaningless bullshit lies
misdirecting your attention away from the pertinent things!

you pay your taxes for services provided such as blowing up another human being
as we go into debt to pay for mass destruction our citizens don't seem to see anything is going wrong
if our resources were to go to advancement and educate, feed, clothe, and bathe the masses
perhaps there would be a chance for the future!

stand up, fight back
don't let them take your liberties
speak up, talk back
don't let them tell you what to think

never enough power never enough health
never enough to satisfy never enough wealth
never enough killing never enough greed
at the end of the day there's never enough relief
Track Name: Activatry
you see them line up on the streets
with your skeptical disbelief
you don't even try to understand what they have to say
roll down your window flip the bird
scream obscenities throw a turd
insensitively throwing derision in their face
you never listen to their calls
you're right they're wrong and that is all
your mind is closed and you will never learn to open it
you say your side will fight for peace
so come forth and state your case
just how is killing people going to solve this bullshit

what you're calling activism
is just our patriotism

we the people are promoting peace
we're tired of seeing this disease
the powerhungry people putting poor into harms way
we understand that there are threats
but history has so many dead
all the fights humanity has had should show us a new way

so tell us how tell us some more
how you propose to win your war
how will your guns and bombs help make us learn to get along
i don't believe you understand
just what it is to lend a hand
perhaps when everything is burning then you'll hear this song

why can't we get along why can't we get along
learn to talk not to kill learn to talk not to kill
Track Name: Hello, Come Here
hello come here, i've got a secret for you
hey come close, i have something to tell you

the rain is falling slow, but the water keeps rising
time to swim to save your life, how does this comes as surprising
warnings were shouted ahead of time, nobody dared to think about it
lives were lost so was credibility,
who would have guessed they wanted their throats slit?

your judgement and ideas are faltering quickly
the path to your goal is not clear, you are thinking the wrong thing
your lies and deceitfulness send horror screams rippling
your mistakes cause panic, destroying what you thought you held dear

you push hard greedy glory, pulling all of the puppet strings
this mad army that you're controlling unaware of the truthful things
confused young soldiers fall in rank due to lack of any future at home
they volunteer themselves and stare blankly while you forsake your own home

why don't you help us fix the problems at home first?
the homeless and starving have an unquenched thirst
opportunities waning, and homeless gaining
education equals debt, and healthcare does not exist

your game is over, you are out of quarters
your library is empty you are staring at a blank page
you are just a cock tease, you are spreading the disease
there is no redemption, it's irreversable

help your own people before crusading your evil
Track Name: Greed Machine
i get my super powers
from the greed machine
i will get all my answers
from the greed machine
i get all my desires
from the greed machine
plugged into tubes and wires
from the greed machine

i believe what i'm told and
i'm told what i know by the
papers and magazines and tv screen
i will do what they say
and they tell me to obey
these synthetic answers keep me feeling clean

and i know they don't lie
and i know they are right
and i know that i know what i know because...

i look better today than
i looked like yesterday
ate a happy meal and regurgitated it back up
i feel stronger now
than i did before
i'm light headed and starving but gorgeous

and i know they don't lie
and i know that i'm right
and i know that i know what i know because...

don't denounce what you hear
they are taking such great care
to make sure you are exactly how they want you to be
just be sure to turn on
tune in and drop off your brain
and you'll find you are what you want to be...
Track Name: Senate Floor
will we keep on fighting this illegal war
will we keep on raping everyone like they're whores
will we keep on killing in the name of peace
will we keep destroying when we know we should cease?

what will we do when we realize the choices that we've made cannot be retracted
how will we handle it when all the world is dead, there is no more have we taken an axe to our heads?

What are they thinking what are they doing
out on the senate floor
do they care are they aware
of how the rest of us feel?
what are they thinking what are they doing
out on the senate floor
sit with jaws on the ground
as they strip off our rights and then send us to war

when will we stand up and take back our lives
when will we expose all of their lies
when will we open up our tightly closed eyes
have we become blind to all the deceit that they try

how come so many people believe we are in hot water
but they just watch it boil
why don't they try to do something instead of bitch and worry
are they really that spoiled?

who is the master is it us or them
where is the truth is it here in our heads
can we be trusted to help run this world
or is it just a lost cause have we given it all away

when everything is falling down and the world is in ruins, the government will realize their failure!
Track Name: Pres-In-Dent
I wanna be president,
not because i want to wield the power
not because I want to lead us to victory
or take an adulation shower

I want the money!
I want to be showered in glorious prizes
and i want to laugh my way to the bank
down the campaign trail...

It seems to me that politicians
can make a pretty easy buck
all they have to do is make empty promises
to each and every gullible schmuck

and later when they get elected
they can take the things they said they'd do
and flip the rhetorial bird
and tell the voters to go get screwed

so my occupation of choice
that will feed my endless greed
is to have some other people
come up with my ideas for me

all i have to do is look pretty
and speak with authority
as i stand here at this pulpit
thinking of blinding greed

i wanna be the president
because i’m nothing but a greedy corrupt jerk
Track Name: Pirates Of The Black Tar
y'arr! y'arr!
the oil is not ours!
y'arr! y'arr!
the pirates of the black tar!

they make record profits with each passing season
and steal from the poor without any reason
the shipping increases the price of our food
the truckers are losing their fair share of loot
big business will never help our economy
surely this is deceiving robbery

the government is stealing from you and from me
open your eyes to the blatant robbery
how come they can never tell us the truth
they hide from us all of the proof
horrifically we are exporting our industries
surely this will destroy the economy

take back what is ours
take back what is ours
take back what is ours

so pick up your pens and bullhorns and fists
and fight back en masse with intelligent twists
it is time to reclaim all the freedom we've lost
come with me now let's show democracy we are the boss
we must not stay blind to this highway robbery
come everyone let's reclaim the economy
Track Name: Bite The Mouth
words can't do justice to the things that we are thinking
we can't entrust this to help you see what we are seeing
is your mind open is it ready for believing
or would you rather wage a war on the needy?

glad you are here thinking you can help
but your helping hand bites the mouth that's feeding
glad you could come to pretend to give
but your helping hand bites the mouth that's feeding

rape a country in the name of democracy
outsource your labor in the name of corporate greed
tax the low class put the money in your pocket
lie cheat and steal make the people your puppets

we love the way you mess up all you touch
reverse midas complex helps us trust you so much
now we are all bending over and we're taking it deeper
if money was a sphincter you'd stick your dick in forever

and we hope it would castrate you
Track Name: Russian Roulette
way back in the cold war, we all had our fun
with a nuclear standoff, a war without guns
but the thought of destroying, all of the world
brought fear to our hearts, and a tear to our girls
so we took down the missiles, the people knew about
and we all agreed to, change our policies
but now comes the time, when america shines
as the next force of evil, to rule humankind

repeat history's, bloody foul misdeeds
with a smile on your face, and a gleam in your eye
there's stench in the white house, and the middle east
both sides think that right, is to drop their bombs
they make lots of bombs, and shoot lots of guns
because history tells them, war is good
if we kill everyone, with whom we disagree
then life will be just, like our gods decree

so take up your arms, and prepare to fight
for those who run the world, are an evil plight
they have no compassion, and lack moral direction
they revoke your freedom and invade your privacy
would you live in a world, where the odds are against you
or would you choose to fight, in the name of human rights
use freedom of speec, and your right to a vote
which is censored and canceled, before you even try

so bow to the king, and hail to the czar
you'll never win, let's play russian roulette

freedom to live, freedom to die
nuclear rain, soothes the pain
russian roulette, with the lives of
all the world is, not a game
Track Name: Hey Religion
hey religion, why can't you speak the truth
why can't you offer us proof
it seems you just criticize me

such derision, how come you don't realize
the pattern that's starting is lies
you bury yourself with each word that you say

we are not humans if we're harming others
we bring to ourselves what we do to another

you don't know the truth of right and wrong
how to get along
how open your eyes

this is now, we cannot run from fate
the time is getting late
now is the time that we must stop the lies
Track Name: Crooked Mans Peak
you will find all my problems floating down the river
you will find all my problems drifting out to sea
you will find all my answers and my inspiration
at the top, at the top of crooked mans peak

i have slain so many foes, and fought so many demons
i have explored so many caves, and conquered so many dungeons
i have been to the edge of the earth, and i have been to the depths of hell
but when i am almost destroyed, i will always remember

what the wise man said is that the very end
is never the final end, it's never the final end

and the words i was told
will stay with me til i'm old
until my last december
Track Name: Dirge
they alter, then they falter,
then they run like a pack of wolves

they go like a howitzer
then explode like a trained son,
they deploy like a real son,
then enjoy like a veal gun...

never will it ever be like this,
never will this be the same
you can talk all you want you can try to amend this
your efforts are useless
it isn't worth trying again

changes are never so easy
it's so hard to comprehend
let's try to step back a little
let's try counting slow
way up to, way up to ten...

don't pretend to be so ungrateful
don't pretend to be so upset
you'll never get anywhere being so angry
try counting slow way up, way up to ten...
Track Name: Try The Best We Can
this is an apology for all the shit
that has come out of my mouth
some decisions are regrettable
sometimes it seem si'm thinking through a cloud
you can't live life perfectly but
you can try to make up for all you have done wrong
please accept my apologies
because i can't bear to live with this on my mind

we are only humans with fatal flaws
flaws that tend to make us exactly who we are
we are only humans, spinning out of control
diving into the unknown
we are only humans with fatal flaws
we are only humans who can try
we are only humans with fatal flaws
we are only humans who can try
try the best we can

sometimes the words fall out
and kick me in the back of my brain
it makes me uncomfortable
to know that i cause those i love such pain
please forgive me if i
come off as too harsh or quite insane
it often troubles me how
i can fly off the hook and be so damned inane

but i want to make it up
i want to make amends
i want to patch the holes
and can we remain friends?
Track Name: Grim Reaper (Take Me Home)
take me home grim reaper, take me home
'cause i ain't got nothing left in my soul
take me home grim reaper, take me home
i don't want to stay no more in this world

picked up a bag on the side of the road
was a bag of broken bones
saw they looked like a rotting human corpse
so i wanted to leave 'em alone
then a man appeared as if out of the shadows
dressed in black from head to toe
had a great big scythe and a real mean grin
and he wanted to take me home

sit at the bar one cold winter morning
and i drank my whisky slow
was lookin' down the side of an empty glass
it was the reflection of my soul
began thinkin' about all the things i'd done
and all the time i'd spent alone
had a fifth of hate and a pint of regret
they were soaking into my bones

looking down from heaven's floor
staring down my six foot hole
i was seeing my funeral but there was noone there
i had died all alone
i was unfit for heaven and the reaper came up
and i felt a chill in my bones
he said "judgement is now" and he struck me down
now hell is my new home
Track Name: Fantastically Stagnant
stuck in the literal
not in the fantastical
this imagination is stagnant
if only these dreams
these strange visions and themes
could retain but they seem to forget
all of these thoughts running
throughout this brain, humming
melodies rhythmns that hauntingly croon
if it weren't for the madness
society's sadness
there would be no tree from which to prune

so we laugh, and we cry
though we don't know the reasons why
and we moan and we scream
please let all of this just be a dream!

inside the subliminal
at this point it's pivotal
if not handled just right it may die
to the master of dreams
the lucidity king
before him it is all life that lies
with a splashing of colours
strange patterns and murmurs
the canvas we paint on beginning to fall
to the brink of madness
where all of our sadness
collectively gathers to call
Track Name: Don't Fear
don't expect the dreams you have will
happen to you
you can't make everything you want to
come true
so just roll with
and flow with
the things that happen to you

don't fear
this ship won't run aground
don't fear
we are safe here in this sound
don't fear
the future will reveal itself to you
don't fear
our wounds will always heal

don't fear
our lives aren't all that bad
don't fear
be glad for what we have
don't fear
our hopes can all come true
don't fear
for i'll be there with you
Track Name: Cold Touch
hey now why do you shy away from me?
do i really make you feel so cold?
does my touch chill you to the bone?

this disconnection is starting to make me
fall in a hole that's making me lose hope
oh please oh please throw me a rope

it's two way give and receive
but i don't know what's safe to give
would you please try to drop a hint

i can't stand waiting for relief
this cold tension is bound to crack
unless we reach around each others back

we're only growing older
shouldn't we be getting bolder
age brings wisdom, so i hear
can't we hang up our hangups
place them in the past for good
together can't we learn to fight our fears?
Track Name: New Day
i can touch tomorrow
and burn right through the sky
open up a new day

i can see the future
and it is burning bright
as we open up a new day

don't be uptight
loosen up your mind
don't be afraid
open up your eyes
don't hesitate
in learning to be kind
the only way
is with a positive mind
thoughts of a positive kind